Mr. U

Mr. U came to Collision Consulting after he had concerns about the repairs made to his vehicle. Our office performed an in depth forensic inspection...


“Denny was seeking Diminished Value but had no idea her vehicle still had frame damage and thousands in unfinished repairs…”


“Kim didn’t realize her vehicle had frame damage even after Service King “fixed” her vehicle, until she couldn’t trade it in…”


“Bob took his car to a Certified MINI shop that help him discover the frame damage, even after State Farm denied…”


“John had no idea his vehicle still had structural damage after he took his car to Geico’s preferred shop…”


“Pete went to the insurance shop and knew something was wrong… he didn’t guess his vehicle had frame damage…”


“Steve came in for a Diminished Value Appraisal and had no idea his vehicle was a total loss…”