2022 Legislation Overview

Protect consumers and drivers in Washington State by supporting House Bill 1979. This bill ensures the right to a standardized appraisal clause in all insurance policies in Washington that provides a much-needed dispute resolution process that levels the playing field for consumers against their own insurance company. Insurance companies should pay claims fairly–if they don’t, then consumers shouldn’t have to file a law suit to get what is already owed under their insurance policy.  Find out more by following the link to the legislation and reach out your legislators today and tell them to pass HB1979.

Speak out and support.

This is where you can make your voice heard in support of this important bill for our industry. Maybe you’ve been in an accident before, maybe you know someone who had a difficult claims process. Maybe you just understand that in Washington, the power controlling the quality and ease of your repair lies with the insurance company, not with the repair experts and that should change.

Follow these links to let the legislatures in our state hear your voice. Become an advocate.

Below is some sample text to start your comment on the bill or email to your representatives:

“Dear Representative/Senator _________, 

As a constituent in your district, I am writing to insist that you strongly support HB 1979. 

House Bill #1979/Senate Bill #___(TBA)  provides consumers in Washington a much needed, affordable and fair process to dispute an auto insurance claims adjusters low settlement offer for (1) vehicle value when a vehicle is declared a total loss, (2) vehicle repairs and OE Manufacturers repair requirements to correctly repair a vehicle or (3) poor fitting knock off parts that devalue their vehicle and don’t meet OE Manufacturer standards for crash performance, safety, fit and finish.   

Today, many insurers have taken advantage of the Covid pandemic and virtual claims handling by way of photo apps on a cell phone to undervalue insurance claims payments.  In many cases, costly law suits are the only option for a consumer to be made whole.  Most people can’t afford to fight billionaires like Warren Buffett (GEICO insurance) in court and are left getting less than they’re owed by their insurer.  

The top 4 insurers made an additional 1 Billion dollars in net line profit during the first year of the Covid pandemic, partly due to the virtual claims adjustment processes that has allowed claims adjusters to short pay claims while hiding behind their key boards.” 

2021 Legislation Overview

Read our overview of House Bill 1428 and see what changes are proposed with a little context for those outside of the collision repair industry.

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