Our client Pete had a 2017 Toyota RAV4 and was directed to a Nationwide DRP/Preferred Shop after his accident. Nationwide, like most other companies, stated that the work would be guaranteed and that if he went elsewhere there would be other complications.

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After the repair however, he was unsatisfied with some of the work and he returned to the insurance preferred shop multiple times. Each time he, left he discovered another issue. Finally, tired of the lack of results, he brought his vehicle to Collision Consulting.

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During our preliminary inspection we saw obvious signs of structural misalignment. Poor fitting parts, rust beginning to form between welded panels, mismatched paint. We performed our full comprehensive inspection and measured the frame. The vehicle was outside of the specification provided by Toyota.

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Had Pete been involved in another accident, the collision management system in the vehicle would not have performed as designed by Toyota. Pete and his passengers could have been seriously injured or worse.

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Collision Consulting drafted a re-repair estimate that was over $13k. Nationwide declared the vehicle a total loss, and Pete got the value he deserved and our inspection charges covered.

We helped Pete and we can help you too.

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