Professional And Dedicated  Services

Our practice and expertise ranges from appraisal work, to expert opinion and trial testimony, to hands on post repair inspections. What ever your case details, we will have a variety of solutions to assist you in fighting for what is fair. See some specifics on our past cases below and see how we can help.

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Washington public adjuster Wrecked car

Diminished Valuations

Your car may be worth less after repaired after an accident. We can help you recover that lost value.

Washington public adjuster Wrecked car

Total Loss and Evaluations

85% of total loss claims are underpaid, we can help you get full value.

Post-Repair Inspections

Insurance “preferred” body shops perform the cheapest repairs possible, find out if your vehicle was correctly repaired and your family is safe.

king county court house county commissioners don h evans chairman

Expert Witness and Trial Testimony

If you or your attorney need an expert in the courtroom, find out how we can help.

Public Adjuster

Our experts know the laws and industry standards and can represent you in your insurance claim. Find out more on how we can help.

Located in Seattle, we are certified vehicle appraisers and Public Adjusters for Washington and Oregon!