This is a real old case, but the story is shocking and unfortunately not all that uncommon. Our client Bob was in a front end collision in his MINI Cooper, and he refused to go to the State Farm insurance preferred shop. He instead went to a MINI certified repair shop, who insisted that they measure the vehicle due to the likelihood of frame damage.

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State Farm’s adjuster flat out refused to cover the measurements. He claimed that since he couldn’t see it, there wasn’t a need and therefore it wouldn’t be covered. This adjuster, who had never worked as a technician and certainly wasn’t MINI certified, decided that it was within his power to declare this.

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6 whole weeks passed as Bob argued with the insurance company. They continued to refuse, and that is when Bob contacted Collision Consulting. We worked with the shop, performed the measurements in a thorough forensic inspection. And the result: there was remaining frame damage and structural misalignment. Just as the shop suspected.

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Collision Consulting drafted a report and photo presentation for Bob’s case and helped him present the damage that was found. Only after the threat of a bad faith claims handling law suit did State Farm decide to cover the damage they initially denied.

Always choose a certified shop with experts who know what they are looking at! Don’t trust someone who has no experience fixing vehicles.