Our client Denny had her vehicle repaired by her insurance company’s contracted body shop, and afterwards she sought out Collision Consulting seeking a Diminished Value appraisal. She believed the repairs were up to par.

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However based on the paperwork she sent us, we could see there were likely issues with the repair, so we had her take her vehicle to our trusted location in Spokane. An inspection was performed and substantial damage remained.

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Here vehicle had remaining structural and frame damage, and the frame rails in the rear of her vehicle were still bent. There was visible damage remaining to the underside of the vehicle that was left unrepaired.

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In areas where welding had been done, the welds were poorly done and in some areas welds were missing.

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The paint work was substandard and in some areas seam sealer and corrosion protection were not even applied, leaving her vehicle vulnerable to rust.

We drafted a corrective estimate to fix the damage we found and the costs mounted to $19k. The insurance company declared her vehicle a total loss and Denny was paid the Pre-Loss market value for her vehicle and our inspection fees were covered.