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We Provide Public Adjuster Services in Washington and Oregon.

What Is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster has the legal ability to represent someone in an insurance claim. Like a lawyer for an insurance claim, they can advocate for a policyholder and negotiate their claim for them. Body shops are not legally allowed to do this because a repair shop doesn't have the legal right to represent someone.
As public insurance adjusters, when we represent a client, we make sure that the insurance company plays by the rules surrounding total loss settlements and engages in good faith claims handling practices. We fight hard to get you a settlement that is accurate and fair.

Accurate Vehicle Damage Evaluations

Did the insurance company short pay your vehicle repairs? Many times, we see vehicles that were repaired poorly, incorrectly or vehicles that should have been declared total losses. Most claims adjusters are not vehicle repair experts, yet companies often demand shops base repairs off their estimates. The result is vehicles that shouldn’t be repaired or get fixed poorly. We write accurate evaluations that depict the true scope of damage.

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Meet the Expert

When you hire Jeff as your automotive public adjuster, he can now become the party that the insurance company has to deal with. This prevents the insurance companies from taking advantage of you. The usual tricks insurance companies use against consumers who don't know their rights or the law in a claim won't work against you!

Hi, I am Jeff Butler.

I am a licensed public insurance adjuster in Washington and Oregon, an automotive appraiser, forensic investigator, and insurance claims expert.  I have an AIC degree in insurance claims practices and coverages from the insurance institutes.

I am also an auto repair expert with more than 32 years of experience repairing vehicles, owning and operating an automotive repair facility in Seattle.  I have factory training from BMW/MINI, Nissan GTR, Porsche as well as hold many I-CAR certificates, welding credentials, ASE master collision technician certification, as well as an A & P license (air craft mechanic) issued by the FAA.

As a licensed Public Adjuster, I can stand between vehicle owner and their insurance company and negotiate the claim on your behalf to ensure you receive every dollar you’re owed to under your insurance policy.

I can provide help with the following issues:

  • Vehicle Appraisals: Total loss & market value/Diminished value/cost of repair disputes
  • Appraisal clause disputes and umpire services
  • Post collision repair inspections (was my car repaired safely to manufacturer specs?)
  • Expert witness testimony in trial in small claims, district, or superior court
  • Insurance claims practices and coverage issues
  • Insurance bad faith claims handling

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