2021 Legislation Overview

Read our overview of House Bill 1428 and see what changes are proposed with a little context for those outside of the collision repair industry.

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This is where you can make your voice heard in support of this important bill for our industry. Maybe you’ve been in an accident before, maybe you know someone who had a difficult claims process. Maybe you just understand that in Washington, the power controlling the quality and ease of your repair lies with the insurance company, not with the repair experts and that should change.

Below is some sample text to start your comment on the bill or email to your representatives:

This proposed act creates mandatory Auto Insurance language that will require an insurer pay the reasonable and necessary costs for repairs at the claimants chosen repair facility and those repairs shall be based on repair specifications, procedures and instructions provided by the vehicle Manufactures engineers. Protect consumer’s rights to have their vehicles repaired to factory standards at a repair shop of their choice. 5 star crash ratings mean safer cars and auto repair shops are legally liable to repair a vehicle in a safe manner however many insurers don’t want to pay these required repair procedures due to cost. Consumer Safety should come first, auto repair shops should not be arbitrarily limited by the insurance industry who has no liability. Insurer cell-phone apps collect photos from consumers but only acknowledge surface damage, many consumers are unknowingly driving unsafe vehicle. This bill requires insurers to play fairly and put consumer safety first


The Washington Independent Collision Repair Association. Making a real difference in Washington legislation so that Collision Repairers can do things right from the very beginning.

“It all begins with an idea. Our goal is make sure the consumers in Washington don’t end up in vehicles not repaired safely and to the standard of care that we believe in.”

Our sister organization, the Washington Independent Collision Repairer’s Association is trying to pass legislation that will ensure that insurance companies have less control of the repair process, allowing the collision repair experts in the shops to fix the vehicles properly, without being told what to do by someone with no repair knowledge. Let’s allow shops to do their jobs and insurers do theirs.

Go to the WICRA website to join or donate to our cause or email if you would to learn more: info.wicra@gmail.com

To see our testimony in the February 2021 House Consumer Protection & Business Committee Hearing, Click Below

Repairer Driven News wrote an article detailing our hearing and the two former insurance adjusters who testified for our bill and spoke to it’s importance. The insurance companies train their adjusters to undermine and underpay, explicitly, and consumers need protection from those who are meant to make them whole.

Click to read the Repairer Driven News Article

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