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What Is a Post-Repair Inspection?

Often, when people use an insurance-recommended shop, they learn after the fact that those shops are not as high quality as the insurance company makes them seem.
During a post-repair inspection, trained technicians dismantle the area of your vehicle that was impacted during the collision and perform an in-depth inspection and technical review of the repairs to verify your vehicle was fixed correctly to the vehicle manufacturer standards.

Why Should You Get a Post-Repair Inspection?

Was your vehicle recently repaired after an accident, but something doesn't feel right? In 83% of post-repair inspections we complete, we uncover remaining damage. We provide a report documenting all damages discovered. The report is then provided to the insurance company that "guaranteed" the initial repair.

Your vehicle will then be repaired properly to manufacturer specifications or, if the costs to re-repair the vehicle are too severe, we can get the vehicle declared a total loss (even though it was fixed). If it is declared a total loss, then you will be able to purchase a replacement vehicle.

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Do Any of These Scenarios Sound Familiar?

These and many other issues could be signs that the body shop did not repair your vehicle properly.
  • Your car was fixed, but it doesn’t seem to drive the same?
  • Is your car making noises that it never made before?
  • Does the steering feel off?
  • Is your vehicle leaking water or smelling musty?
  • Is there a gas smell?
  • Does the transmission feel like it’s slipping out of gear?

Chrissy L.'s Success Story

Chrissy had a 2017 Honda CR-V with inexcusable leftover damage.

Chrissy took her vehicle to Geico’s contracted “approved” body shop because GEICO said they guarantee the work.  After the repair, she came to Collision Consulting of Washington seeking a Diminished Value Appraisal. She did not suspect anything was wrong with her vehicle at the time.

· Preliminary Inspection in the parking lot found extremely obvious structural damage.  This damage had to have been seen by the technician who repaired the vehicle.

· A structural diagnostic/measurement was performed comparing factory specifications to this vehicle. GEICO’s shop left this vehicle with a bent frame.

· The CRV would likely not perform as Honda engineers designed if it were involved in another collision.

Washington public adjuster Wrecked car

After presenting GEICO with our report of findings and corrective estimate to replace the left front frame rail, GEICO totaled the CR-V.  Christine received the full market value for her vehicle and expenses for our services.

Why We Are Here  

Insurance companies shorting their own customers and drivers who have been in accidents for well over a decade now. Below are two clips of Journalist and News Host Anderson Cooper reporting on a story that is exactly like what we see every day. 

Located in Seattle, we are certified vehicle appraisers and Public Adjusters for Washington and Oregon!