In 2019 we had a client who will be known as Chrissy. She took her 2017 Honda CR-V to Gecio’s approved body shop because they claimed that they would guarantee the work that was done. See our booklet for photos, but I bet most people would not have guessed the accident was that severe. Chrissy didn’t either and she didn’t suspect there was anything wrong with her vehicle after she got it back.

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She found Collision Consulting online after she decided to get a Diminished Value Appraisal done and go after her lost value. As standard procedure we took a look at the repairs to gauge their quality. Immediately after popping the hood, we could see remaining damage to a frame rail, simply by looking down into the engine compartment. We told Chrissy that there was serious damage left to the vehicle right then and there that we should do a Forensic Inspection.

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We had a Honda Certified technician dismantle the vehicle and perform measurements. Other than the visible misalignment, we found that the vehicle was way out of the manufacturer’s standards for deviation. The Geico shop left the frame of Chrissy’s car bent, visibly, and instead of writing a supplement for the damage they surely had found, they continued to work based off of Geico’s superficial estimate. Had Chrissy been in another frontend collision, the airbags and other safety mechanisms would likely have not reacted properly and she could have been injured or worse.

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We next documented everything and helped Chrissy and her attorney submit a new corrective estimate and our findings to Geico who promptly totaled the vehicle and covered her expenses for our services.

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We helped Dawn and we can help you too.

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