Repair Facility Survey

Collision Consulting of Washington is performing a survey of repair facility labor, storage and other pertinent charges in Washington State.

The purpose of the study is so we can represent our clients with their insurance claim and negotiate fair settlements using accurate data that is based upon the range of retail prices at repair facilities having a range of skill, qualifications and certifications and are located in may different zip codes.

This survey is NOT seeking any wholesale pricing or discounted rates based on economies of scale or concessions for referrals or outside pressures from 3rd parties. We are seeking retail prices only.

All individual prices are kept confidential, and Collision Consulting of Washington takes no position on individuals prices being reasonable. We are merely seeking current, accurate information. If your Company is represented by more than one location, please complete a survey for each location. Names are only needed to track demographics and ensure that only one survey is cast per Repair Facility location.

We will not discuss any subject relating to prices charged, discounts offered of any nature, or hourly rate with other participants. To do so is a violation of Federal Antitrust Laws (Title 15 of the United States Code).

As a Public Insurance Adjuster, we are a representative for the insured. We assist claimants to navigate their insurance claim with their respective insurance company and obtain all benefits owed under the policy as well as address any short falls in their insurance claim, vehicle repair costs and/or total loss claim. We also appraise diminished value and loss of use values for 3rd party and UIM claims.

This survey is for Q1 2023 and closes on March 31st.  Upon completion of the survey, we will publish the overall results here on our website at the end of April.

As this is a time sensitive request, we ask that you please provide your repair facility information to our office as soon as possible.

You can email the completed form to or mail it to: 

Jeff D. Butler, AIC | Public Adjuster
8011 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115

Survey Form

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