Diminished Value Auto Appraisal

When damage to property occurs, residual effects remain and it is harder to resell.

Common sense, a buyer is less likely to choose the vehicle with a damage history.

This decrease in value is called Diminished Value.

This is Steven

He was blind sided by another driver in his brand new Subaru. After the repair, costing $7,000, were finished, he tried to sell the vehicle only to realize the difficulty of selling a car with a damage history or a bad Carfax.

It is common sense that a brand new vehicle that now has a damage history and repairs has depreciated in value. This is called Diminished Value and you are owed money by the party that damaged your property.

We helped him recover $6,750.

Washington State Supreme Court Committee on Jury Instructions (excerpt)

WPI 30.10 Measure of Damages—Damage to Personal Property—Repairs and Depreciation or Difference in Value Before and After Damage

1. The reasonable value of necessary repairs to any property that was damaged plus the difference between the fair cash market value of the property immediately before the occurrence and its fair cash market value after it is repaired;

Washington public adjuster Wrecked car

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