Total Loss Auto Appraisals

When your vehicle is damaged and not economically viable to repair, the insurance company deems it a Total Loss. Every vehicle and case is different and we make sure that you’re vehicle is evaluated properly and holistically.

Total Loss Appraisals

Collision Consulting of Washington provides accurate appraisals that fairly represent the pre loss value of a vehicle after it has been declared a total loss. When we represent a client as public adjuster, we make sure that the insurance company plays by the rules surrounding total loss settlements and engages in good faith claims handling practices. We fight hard to get you a settlement that is accurate and fair.

Accurate Damage Evaluations

Many times we see vehicles that were repaired that should have been declared total losses. Most claims adjusters are not vehicle repair experts yet companies often demand shops base repairs off their estimates. The result is vehicles that shouldn’t be repaired get fixed poorly. We write accurate evaluations that depict the true scope of damage. With the evidence uncovered, the insurance company declares your vehicle a total loss.

Washington public adjuster Wrecked car

Located in Seattle, we are certified vehicle appraisers and Public Adjusters for Washington and Oregon!