A couple of years ago, a client who will be known as Jim came to us with a major frustration. His insurance company Horace Mann had told him to send his vehicle, a 2018 Nissan Pathfinder, to a Caliber Collision nearest him as they were in their contracted and approved program. They promised the work would be faster, that it was guaranteed and that there would be no out of pocket expenses if he went with their shop. None of this turned out the way it was promised.

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Jim had so many issues with the work, he brought his vehicle back to the shop 15 times asking them to correct issues he had found. After the below satisfactory workmanship, he finally decided to bring the vehicle to us for a thorough inspection.

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The list of remaining damage and unfinished work was extensive. There were issues that were obvious and should have been remedied within the 15 trips that Jim had to make to Caliber. There were also issues below the surface so to speak. Damage that would have remained hidden had Jim not acted. After we drafted our report of findings and a corrective estimate that totaled an additional $19k, Horace Mann declared the vehicle a total.

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