Our client Dawn was pressured by the insurance company into taking his WRX to their preferred and contracted repair shop instead of going to the Subaru Certified shop he initially wanted to choose. Progressive only guaranteed repairs at their approved shop and told him he would have out of pocket expenses at the certified shop. This same shop repaired Chrissy’s case (with the Honda CR-V).

Dawn’s WRX looks like it’s perfectly fine from the outside.

Dawn’s WRX looks like it’s perfectly fine from the outside.

After repairs, Dawn felt like something was off with his vehicle so he brought it to us. He noted to us that he had wanted to take it to the Certified Subaru Shop in Seattle, with whom we work closely, however they warned him not to and sent him to this DRP shop. We noted that on the estimate from this DRP shop, they did not perform the inspections Subaru mandates after a collision.

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As we continued to inspect the vehicle, we noted some areas that appeared to be misaligned and might point to structural damage. A Subaru Certified shop measured the vehicle on an approved frame bench and found the vehicles frame and structure was widely out of specification along with other repair issues.

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Collision Consulting drafted a re-repair estimate and Dawn sent it in to progressive. Progressive then paid to repair Dawn’s WRX at the Certified shop without any out-of-pocket expenses to him. Instead of paying for two repairs, Progressive should have simply allowed Dawn to take his vehicle where he wanted to initially, per the Washington state regulation.

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