Bad Repair Blog

Welcome to our Bad Repair Blog, where we feature select cases in which we’ve uncovered improper and negligent repair practices.  When our Washington and Oregon clients come to us for post-repair inspections, diminished valuations, and more, we perform in-depth, forensic inspections that too-often reveal hidden damages and incorrect repair procedures.  It’s a dark side of the collision repair industry that we want more people to be aware of.


“Pete went to the insurance shop and knew something was wrong… he didn’t guess his vehicle had frame damage…”

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“Dawn new something was wrong after the DRP repair, but he had no idea his vehicle was still structurally damaged…”

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“Jim knew his vehicle had issues after the DRP shop’s repair, but he didn’t know it was almost $20k in damages…”

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“Steve came in for a Diminished Value Appraisal and had no idea his vehicle was a total loss…”

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“Chrissy had no idea her vehicle was still severely damaged after Geico’s shop repaired it…”

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